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Please JOIN me in helping these individual women, lovers of life and fighters, regain their dignity and only have to worry about fighting cancer and not the system!

$50 from each Crystal Confetti sale will be donated to these individuals to help fight their lymphoma.

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Building a Storywheel Necklace

You don’t have to start with a lot of storywheels at once.

You can slowly build up and make your own story, or if you like our prepared necklaces, here’s an example using an amethyst heart briolette as the focal point and building up to the Aquarius necklace:

1.) Start with a W241 Amethyst  Heart Brio in yellow gold.

2.) Next  add  a W72  Amethyst and Pearl wheel in yellow gold to each side.

3.) Then add  a W35 or W9 Amethyst in white gold to each side.

4.) Finish off with a W93 Starfish Wheel in Yellow Gold on each side.


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